picoJDBC - picoSQL JDBC support

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picoJDBC is a JDBC 1.4 compliant driver for picoSQL. It is a type 4 driver (thin client), written in pure Java, who accesses picoSQL using a socket connection. The communication protocol is IIOP 1.0 which is implemented by the org.omg.CORBA package. picoJDBC consists in a JAR file that must be included in CLASSPATH. Current release is compiled using the j2sdk1.4.0, but the driver has been teste with all the releases, starting from jdk1.2.

The driver class to load is:


The url to specify for opening a connection is a string divided in five fields by a semicolon (:) character. A valid URL, for example, is the following:

The first two fields are fixed.
Third field locate the host computer where picoSQL resides.
Fourth field locate the port number where picoSQL is listening.
Last field locate the server database name.