picoSQLNet - picoSQL ODBC support

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Telefono/fax 050 46380
e-mail picosoft@picosoft.it

picoSqlNet is a client/server ODBC 2.5 compliant driver for picoSQL. It is released as a ZIP compressed file that you must uncompress under any directory. Then you must execute setup.exe and follow the instruction.

After installation step, you can create an ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) using the appropriate program from the control panel. After selecting picoSQLNet driver, you see a dialog window asking the following informations:

Data Source Name The name identifing the connection with a picoSQL database
Server address The address or the net name of the computer where the database resides.
Port number Por number where picoSQL is listening
DB Name Server database name
Password request (YES/NO) Front end database applications usually do not ask for a password. If you put YES at this request, the driver ask you a user name and a password before connecting to the DB.

After executing theese step, picoSQL become available from any ODBC enabled program.