pIcheck - tool for checking/reapair picoIsam files

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pIcheck allows you to check the integrity of the picoIsam indexed files, used by picoSQL, and to rebuild them in case of corruption. pIcheck is a command line program and its synopsis is the following:

pIcheck [-icfr] picoIsam-file

Options have the following meaning:

shows only relevant information about the file, namely:
  • number of key (nkey)
  • record size (recsize)
  • index node size (idxsize)
  • number of records, including the deleted ones (nrecords)
  • version number (version)
  • for each key:
    • key number (key)
    • flag of duplicate key (ISDUPS) or unique key (ISNODUPS)
    • number of parts of the key
    • for each part:
      • part number (part)
      • start offset of the key (start)
      • part length (leng)
      • part type (char,int,long,float,double)
Executing the program without options corresponds to execute it with this option.
Check the file in fast mode.
Check the file in slow mode. In some cases this check can be very long.
Rebuild the index on the data file base.
Rebuild the index and the data file expunging all deleted records.