pIrecover - tool for recovering picoIsam files

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picoSQL can be used in transactional mode by setting the appropriate attributes PLogFile or PTransaction in the configuration file (see installation). In this mode, any update of the database become definitive only after the execution of a COMMIT operation or can be nulled by a ROLLBACK operation. If you set the PLogFile attribute, every operation is logged in a log file and this file can be used to rebuild the database after a crash on the base of the last back-up. A typical configuration consists in a computer with 2 hard disks, one containing the data and the other containing the log file. If the first disk crash, you can recover the database till the last transaction using the log file and the last back-up. pIrecover is the program that can recover the database on theese basis and its use is very simple:

pIrecover [-n] logFile

When the database is rebuilded without any problem the log file is deleted. The -n option inhibits the log file deletion.